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Believe in the power of “Thank You”

Believe in the power of "Thank You" to give donors more than just a transactional experience.

By James Brophy

We often ask the question, “Why do people give?” Every day, thousands of people donate to charity. Some give their money; some give their time. But there is a new question that charities are asking: How do we motivate someone to give to us again?

With the introduction of our Seesaw platform, a person gives their donation, and they can film a message on their phone. The recipient of the donation, or the charity themselves, is one click away from responding with a thank-you message to show the donor their direct impact. You connect the donor on a deep and personal level, and they are motivated to give again.

We believe in the power of a “thank you.” And so do your donors.

Here’s our friend Morgan. Morgan wants to give a donation to a local charity to support a child in the hospital. She makes her donation, and one click later, she films and uploads her video message on her phone. Her donation travels to the hospital, where it is given to someone in need.

Using Seesaw, the charity or the recipient of the donation is one click away from filming a video and showing Morgan her direct, specific impact. Morgan receives a thank-you message, feels deeply connected again, and wants to give a second time. We believe in the power of a “thank you.”

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