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Difficulty With Donor Retention Rates?

The non-profit industry experiences difficulty with donor retention rates. Find out how Seesaw is looking to change that!

By James Brophy

The non-profit industry experiences very poor donor retention rates. The industry standard for all donor retention is 43%. There are two types of donors within that 43%. The first is a repeat donor, someone who gives a second, third, fourth time, etc. Their retention rate on average is is 63%. The other donor, the first time donor, is someone who is giving to a charity for the first time. The most recent study revealed the industry average for this group is a staggeringly low 19%. A major inefficiency exists within the donation revenue model across the industry when it comes to retention of the donor, especially the first time donor. With such a large portion of non-profit organizations being dependent on their ability to continue acquiring new donors that will likely not return to donate again, we have an ever increasing issue in the charitable world: in increasing gap in funds returning and dollars spent fundraising. In an almost $400 billion market, populated with over 1.5 million charities, the disconnect of the individual donor and the retention technologies offered is large. We bridge that gap with our product, Seesaw.

We provide charities with innovative, technology driven solutions that help their donors experience and connect with their cause on a deeper level. Charities use our software platform to send donors a personal video message connecting them directly to the impact of their gift: showing EXACTLY where their dollar is spent. Seesaw brings your donors to the visual climax of their donation experience through video, second only to being there in person.We provide a first time donor with an emotionally captivating experience instead of purely a transactional interaction. In turn, this causes a higher portion of those donors to choose that same cause for their next charitable gift and with increase average gift amount. The effectiveness of our platform can be directly attributed to several analytics we know to be true in the market place.

  • An individual is 12x more likely to watch a video than read text.
  • That same 5.7x more likely to take action after watching a video versus seeing a picture.
  • Online video accounts for nearly 70% of all consumer internet traffic, with users viewing the equivalent of 5 million years of video every month!

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