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Seesaw is Ready to Make Waves in the Social Impact Space!

Seesaw is ready to make waves in the social impact space! Take the leap with us.

By: Michael Kelly
We want to grow. Everyone wants to grow. That little baby looking at his walking sibling wants to be there. If not, why would they try to lift their head, then push up their trunk with both arms, only to find themselves leaning on a footstool until they can stand on their own two?

The world is a place that doesn’t inhibit growth, it provides opportunities for anyone to go anywhere and grow with the persons they love in a world that can make them feel so small at times. The flip side is that it can always make them big, even and especially if it is only in their head. There is no title on these characteristics, other than that they are what make up the friends we run with, the families we begin, and the associates we work with, not necessarily in that order. But we do find ourselves tied to growth in some capacity.

If we don’t mark the milestones, we are just passing with the time.
-Lara Axelrod

The next time you feel like there is no place to go but horizontal, think incremental ascent. No one starts on 3.0 elevation on the treadmill unless they have a death wish (or a calf to tear). They start at 0.5 and move gradually through their mission.

We didn’t get here by taking over the internet, calling all for-impact organizations, and tell them why we have changed the game (even though we have, clearly). We moved with our development team, brainstorming and learning along the way, changing personnel, changing integration, all in hopes of changing the world. We will take a suggestion, a tip, or a connection if you have the passion to help others the way we hope.

There are many other ways that we accept help, criticism, and thought differences, but we figured we would stick to the “trifecta” in this brief moment. Everything in threes. Everything with everyone all the time. Forever. Until we stop growing. Until we stop being the thought leaders that growth’s potential has provided.

There is no better time than today to start your adventure…unless you have already started it.

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